Because when it comes to selecting new executives or board members, there's simply no room for error. We employ a unique proactive search process, meaning that we use our in-house database to directly approach the finest managerial talents who fit the client's requirements, regardless of their current employment status. We specialize in executive headhunting to enable optimal staffing decision-making, and carefully screen all candidates using a sophisticated 7-step process.

We believe that filling the most senior positions in any organization is a task best left to professionals. We know all too well that any recruitment misstep can be hugely significant – and costly – for a company, and also empathize with the dilemmas faced by the best, most in-demand candidates. Only a highly-skilled external placement firm knows how to maintain the delicate balance required throughout the executive search process: on the one hand, we are committed to the satisfaction of our client, while on the other we maintain a professional relationship with each candidate based on complete discretion and mutual trust.

We recommend gathering recommendations from your colleagues, and also asking the firm to supply references from its existing clientele. It is always important to bear in mind that the headhunting company will represent you and act on your behalf, so it is essential to choose a firm with a highly-regarded reputation you can trust, and which impresses you with its professionalism and work methods.

They say that every winning recipe has a secret ingredient that raises its success to new heights. The secret ingredient in our recipe, alongside our unique methodology, is, naturally, our experience. We have been in the executive search and assessment world since 1981, so there truly is nothing new under the sun. We've seen it all, done it all, and handled searches of all kinds. We not only have countless industry connections, but also benefit from in-depth information and thousands of names right at our fingertips (that's a whole lot more than the industry average).

We are based in Tel Aviv and specialize in conducting executive search and placement processes for companies closely involved with the Israeli market, such as local Israeli companies, Israeli companies operating overseas, and international companies that have a business presence in Israel.

Our clients include leading organizations that hail from all sectors of the Israeli and international markets, ranging from small family businesses to publicly-traded corporations. Each Mashabey Enosh partner is an executive search expert who specializes in a different field: industry, global technology, retail and consumer goods, life sciences, hi-tech and venture capital, banking and financial services, the public and government sector, NGOs, and so on.

We make the initial approach to potential candidates and review their degree of interest in the particular position. After discarding those who are not interested, we interview a group of candidates whose experience, skills, and other attributes are a particularly good fit with the defined candidate profile.

When companies are looking for a managerial or professional talent, they can either manage the search themselves or hire the services of an external executive search firm.  There are two approaches in the placement field: the first is the contingency approach, where candidates' attributes are matched with the needs of the position, and as many candidates as possible are interviewed by the client in order to find the best fit. The second approach is Retained Executive Search, which is suitable for C-suite and other senior positions. In this case, the search process is very accurate, and the client only meets with the final, most suitable candidates because, after all, quality is more important than quantity. In-depth and comprehensive, the RES process also includes monitoring the successful candidate's onboarding and performance through the first year in the position.

There are certain other differences that arise due to the executive search firm's proactive work method, which are expressed through exclusivity, the type of information passed on to the client, and also the pricing. Whereas a company using the contingency approach is usually paid upon filling the relevant position, the RES method is different: the executive search firm is compensated for identifying the most suitable candidates for the position, as well as for the responsibility it shoulders. The search process includes thorough research and mapping, proactively approaching qualified candidates, executive headhunting, use of proven tools and methodologies, interviewing and evaluating candidates, and advising the client regarding the most suitable candidate.

Although we would love to believe that investing all this effort invariably leads to a positive resolution, we feel obliged to mention that, in reality, a very small percentage of positions will not be filled.

"Retained" means that the executive search firm will be engaged by the client on a retainer basis, much like other companies that provide similar consulting services (like law or accountancy firms). Under this model, the client pays the executive search firm a guaranteed fee for its services, while the executive search firm, in turn, manages the process with complete exclusivity and is obliged to serve the client in line with a contractual agreement signed by both parties.

In order to locate the candidate best suited to the client's needs, we mine databases as we define, seek out, approach, interview, and find the right talent that will be the missing piece in your puzzle. Candidates who come to us from other sources, or from outside Mashabey Enosh, also go through exactly the same screening process, and are regarded as just the same as any other candidate, as if we had located them ourselves.

We are the headhunting specialists, locating suitable candidates through a systematic, professional, and highly accurate process that combines detailed research and analysis with a vast data network and many years of experience in our field. We initiate contact with potential candidates and determine whether they are interested in the relevant position. Then, we meet with the interested candidates whose experience, skills, and other attributes are viewed as particularly favorable in the light of the defined candidate profile. This stage actually represents the meeting point between the comprehensive research we have conducted and the unique senses we have honed over the years…

Our impressive success rates indicate that it is almost always possible to find the right executive for the vacant position. However, there are occasionally some positions that unfortunately cannot be filled due to certain circumstances. There can be many different reasons leading to this scenario, so regrettably we cannot guarantee that every process will end with the position being filled.

Successfully filling executive roles requires in-depth knowledge of the organization, as well as a thorough understanding of the vacant position's requirements. Prior to each recruitment process, we begin with thorough research of the organization itself: its history, organizational and management structure, character and needs, organizational culture, business environment, and the challenges it faces. We then formulate the optimal candidate profile and a detailed job description, in order to identify and approach only candidates we are confident will fill the position successfully.

On average, we would expect the client to start meeting with relevant candidates 30-45 days after the search process begins.

As soon as we define the client's needs and decide on the most appropriate research strategy, we begin to gather information and conduct market research in order to find "the one." Our work is based on three primary sources of information: the first is our in-house database, which includes tens of thousands of senior executives and is regularly maintained and updated by a dedicated Mashabey Enosh professional. This database is completely unique in terms of the extent of information it contains on each executive. In addition to this in-house database, we also draw on external databases and an extensive network of contacts, based on our longstanding relationships with market leaders. This consultation is performed in order to gather preliminary data and references regarding potential candidates.

Professional integrity is the guiding light of Mashabey Enosh. We only refer candidates who would genuinely be good fits for the position. In order to evaluate the candidates and give the client a recommendation regarding the best and most suitable applicants, we conduct in-depth interviews to determine candidates' suitability, gather recommendations from our professional network and conversations with references from previous jobs, and assess and evaluate each candidate in accordance with their skills, and with the information derived from these interviews and conversations. These are all processed and weighted in line with the optimal candidate profile.

Our fee is paid by the client – the organization that hired our executive search services. Payment is usually divided into three installments, in accordance with the process milestones.

Under the RES model, the executive search process does not end when the preferred candidate has successfully sailed through an interview, or even when they are sitting in the boardroom. We view ourselves as a full partner of each client and play an active role in the negotiations between the client and the successful candidate, if the client so desires. Once the candidate is hired and starts work at the organization, we periodically monitor the progress and satisfaction of both parties throughout the subsequent year.

We do not represent jobseekers. Instead, we locate candidates to fill executive positions at companies and organizations that hire our services. That said, we are always happy to have potential candidates get in touch and submit resumes via our website. When we are seeking candidates for a new position, we approach relevant candidates and meet with them regarding this specific role.

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