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What does retained executive search mean?

Retained executive search is a specialized form of management consulting conducted through an exclusive engagement with a client organization. Its prime goal is to assist the client in identifying, recruiting and retaining senior executive talent. Executive search is a critical management tool that, when used correctly, can add significant value to organizations by assisting management teams in achieving their business objectives.

Retained executive search is a sophisticated process which can significantly impact the lives of organizations and individual senior executives. It relies upon mutual trust, confidence, cooperation and professional business practices among the search firm, the client and candidates. To achieve an optimum result, the search process must be understood by all parties.

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How does retained executive search differ from other forms of recruitment?

The main difference is that in other forms of recruitment the candidates are applicants whereas targeted candidates are selected through a comprehensive process of identification, whether they are active job-seekers or not.

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What does ‘retained’ mean?

Like other management consultants, executive search firms work in partnership with their clients. A client pays a regular retainer fee for the consultant’s services (typically, the fee will be billed in three stages over the course of the assignment) and the client uses that firm exclusively for that assignment.

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How does your firm identify potential candidates?

We discover candidates through a professional process of systematic research and analysis, combined with thorough networking and vast experience in our field.

We proactively contact the potential candidates and investigate their interest in the specified position. We then meet those who are both qualified and interested and profoundly evaluate their qualifications.

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Is there a guarantee that a search will lead to an appointment?

While our success rate proves that there is a match for almost any executive assignment, from time to time we encounter a position which is just not possible to fill in certain circumstances. There can be various reasons for this, therefore there can never be an absolute guarantee of success.

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What intimidates clients the most about initiating an executive search?

While we would all like to believe that with some amount of effort everything we do will be successful, the unfortunate reality is that some searches don't come to fruition. The process involved in a fully retained executive search is designed to minimize risk of failure. It creates, through the discovery phase of the search, an environment where the issues and areas in which there is no consensus can be discussed openly. The search is not aimed at solving the challenges an organization faces, but in identifying and positioning them as opportunities by making them visible.


It clarifies the challenges and opportunities entailed in the required role, not just for the decision makers at the board level but for the candidates as well. It sets the stage for a realistic and fruitful engagement with prospects. It also requires the board and the management to consider their part in the future success of the new leader.

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How long does it take before a client begins to meet candidates?

A client should normally expect to see relevant candidates within 30-45 days.
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Do you also represent job-seekers?

We never represent job-seekers. We act only for and on behalf of those organizations which retain us.
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How should an organization select a search firm?

We would suggest selecting a search firm by asking peers by taking references from the search firm’s clients.

Most importantly, clients should feel that they are happy and trust to let this firm represent them in the market.

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What is your geographic coverage?

We are based in Israel and are experts for the Israeli market in all of its aspects – Israeli companies located locally, Israeli companies located outside Israel and Foreign firms with an Israeli presence.

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