Mashabey Enosh



Our Process

Our search process is a proven 7 step  process that guarantees results. The process outlined below ensures our ability to proactively allocate and attract talents so that only those candidates who are qualified, interested and of optimal fit are eventually presented.


Needs Analysis & Search

  • Learning the organization – its history, structure, culture, challenges and needs
  • Designing the optimal profile and job specifications

 Research & Data  

  • Methodological research of the relevant targets both from in-house as well as exterior databases

 Long List Presentation

  • Presenting a list of potential and relevant candidates matching the given profile
  • Selecting a group of candidates to approach according to client's preferences

 In-depth Screening

  • Approaching, interviewing and evaluating each of the targeted candidates selected in the Long List stage
  • Performing initial reference and background checks

Short List Presentation

  • Narrowing the list to the most suitable candidates and comparing their attributes
  • Collecting thorough reference and background checks
  • Advising the client regarding next steps

Last Stage Prioritization 

  • Supporting the negotiation stage by mediating among all involved parties

Placement & Follow Up

  • Final decision making
  • Onboarding support and periodic follow ups with the placed candidate
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