Mashabey Enosh

Our Approach

We have been continuously evolving and flourishing for the past three decades now, mainly through:

  • Learning from client organizations and candidates - some of whom we have been working with for over 25 years, and observing processes within the market.
  • Constantly developing better methods and improving our best practices.
  • Always remembering that the important ingredients that will increase our success are: Ethics, People, and Knowledge.

Ethics: trust is what maintains our long-lasting relationships with our clients,
candidates as well as within our team. Ethics, therefore, is not a choice -
it is a way of life.


People: all our efforts are aimed at understanding, deciphering and relating to people.  Fortunately, we also enjoy it, immensely.

Knowledge: for us, information is only an instrument. Information is a common resource nowadays. Our expertise is translating information into knowledge and results - connecting the right dots.

Combining the three, we have placed thousands of executives and gained accumulated experience of over 100 years - and yet we see each and every assignment as a fresh new challenge.

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